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Miss Her Now (Or Miss Her Forever)
© Keith Hope

Keith Hope is a sixth generation Floridian whose ancestors settled in what is now Hernando County in 1835. He grew up in Hardee County and started playing music in public at age five.

In 2002, he recorded an album of original songs about Florida titled Key Biscayne Cowboy. One of the songs, "Miss Her Now (Or Miss Her Forever)," is about manatees and was inspired by a Florida Department of Environmental Protection poster of the same title.

An appellate attorney, Keith lives and works in Gulfport, Florida. He performs at the Florida Folk Festival and at other music festivals and acoustic music venues throughout Florida. At his website, he also has a dvd of a concert at Luna Star Cafe in Miami ("Keith Hope — Live at Luna Star"), and his new double cd — "Florida Hurricane" — a collection of "Flardacana" and country-pop. Get more information about Keith and his music.

Manatee Waltz
© Katherine Archer

Singer/songwriter Katherine Archer first became enchanted with manatees in 1995 while performing ecology and educational music in NYC schools. Joining Save the Manatee Club, she adopted Amanda, a manatee whose picture became a fixture on her refrigerator door and followed her throughout her travels in the proceeding years. 

Greatly moved by the graceful water muse, she recalls her first encounter: "Four years ago I finally had an up-close and personal meeting with one at the Titusville Municipal Marina in Florida. It was love at first sight! He was by the dock---as he rolled over on his back I was amazed at how gentle and trusting this huge 'water butterfly' was. I sadly noticed he had a flipper missing and multiple propeller gashes. From that point on, I visited them at the marina so frequently that the staff nicknamed me the 'manatee lady.'” 

The event that inspired Manatee Waltz happened later that year, when on one of her visits, she noticed a crowd gathering near the water. She joined the group to witness a rarely seen water ballet, choreographed by a large herd. The star, a nicked and scarred sea cow Katherine dubbed "Big Mama Barnacle," pirouetted center stage while other members of the herd nudged and embraced her in what seemed to be a rehearsed performance of dance movements. "It was the most incredible and magical thing I have ever seen! They truly looked like they were waltzing. I found out later that it was most likely a mating herd. They were courting her.”

A professional musician and teacher for many years, living and performing throughout New York, Virginia, and New Orleans, Katherine now resides and performs regularly in St. Augustine and throughout Florida. For more information about Katherine and her music visit her web site at

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