Manatee Activities
Where do manatees live and what do they eat? How do researchers identify them? You'll be able to answer these questions and more when you try the activities below. Plus, use your creativity to make bookmarks, stickers, pins, and a manatee puppet! You'll have fun and learn about manatees at the same time.

Manatee Puppet

You Can Make A Manatee Puppet!
Print our Manatee Puppet Cutout Sheet and use crayons, scissors, glue, and a paper lunch bag to make your own manatee puppet to play with.Go >>


You Make the Call (Roll Call, That Is)
Manatees are swimming all around you as you paddle up the Blue Spring Run. What do you do to try and identify them before they swim off? Thanks to our friends at Journey North for this fun activity. Go >>

manatee activity sheet

Manatee Activity Sheet
Click the link above or the "Go" link below to print this activity sheet and create manatee stickers, pins, and bookmarks. Use paint, crayons, markers and your imagination! Go >>

Clayton and Paula

3-D Craft Project
Here’s a fun project to help kids and parents learn about manatees and their habitat. Suitable for 3rd graders and up. Go >>


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