International Efforts

A manatee calf is rescued in Peru.

The Club provided funds to fly a biologist specialized in manatee rescue and rehabilitation from Puerto Rico to assist with the rescue and health assessment of a manatee calf in Peru.

Save the Manatee Club supports rescue, rehabilitation, research, and relocation of manatees around the world, located in areas such as South and Central America, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and West Africa. The Club has collaborated with the Wildtracks manatee rehabilitation facility in Belize to contribute funds for formula for orphaned manatees, medicine, and infrastructure updates of the facility, including a new lift system and a new pump for a water heating system, and upgrades to a prep kitchen to provide food for manatees in rehabilitation. The Club has also provided formula, medicine, and funding for the care of orphaned manatee calves in Puerto Rico, West Africa, and Peru, and health assessment support for manatees in Belize, Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica, and Mexico. Save the Manatee Club contributed funds to help rescue several West African manatees trapped behind a dam and to rescue and provide medical care to stranded manatees in Colombia. The Club has supported a tracking program of manatees in Belize, a monitoring program in the Bahamas, and a program to educate villagers in Nicaragua and stop poaching in Nigeria. The Club has also produced education and outreach materials that have been distributed in West Africa, Central and South America, and the Wider Caribbean. In addition, SMC staff make recommendations on sirenian issues to the IUCN World Conservation Union.

Nigerians hold a manatee education banner.

Club staff have been working with an associate in Nigeria to research poaching of West African manatees and help educate local citizens and find alternative livelihoods for them.

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