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Get Manatee Materials
Are you interested in learning more about manatees? You can download a coloring and activity book or manatee fact sheet, get our 38-page educator's guide, or read copies of our public awareness brochures.

Coloring and Activity Book (pdf)
Download and print our 8-page coloring and activity book Manatees: Florida's Gentle Giants. Read trivia, play games, and get action tips for kids. Check it out!

Coloring Sheet and Letter to Florida's Governor

Letter and Coloring Sheet (pdf)
Download and print our 2-sided coloring sheet that features a letter to Florida's governor that you can address and send. Manatee designs to create a button, magnet, sticker, and bookmark are included, too! (Address and instructions on page 2.)

Manatees: An Educator's Guide (pdf)
This 38-page guide includes information on the natural history and habitat of manatees in Florida as well as information on sirenians of the world. Threats to survival, research and conservation issues are also addressed, and the guide includes a section on classroom resources and activities. (2.86 MB file)

Manatee Facts (pdf)
Want some fast facts about manatees? This short piece is great for school projects. Or you can memorize it and amaze your friends and relatives with all sorts of manatee trivia.

Manatee Anatomy (pdf)
A cool fact sheet from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Features 4-color photo of a manatee and manatee anatomy trivia.

Get Our Free Brochure!

If You Love Me, Please Don't Touch or Feed Me
We know you love manatees, and that's why you want to hug them, feed them, and give them some water. But we need to resist those urges in order to help protect them. Find out why. Click the link above or the image at left to get our free brochure. You can also request the brochure by regular mail by sending an email to education@savethemanatee.org or call our toll-free number at 1-800-432-JOIN (5646).

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