Watch Manatee Video!

Have you ever seen a manatee in the wild? Here's your chance to take a closer look at manatees by watching some underwater footage filmed by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey Sirenia Project. You can also watch an award-winning video documenting manatee harassment and see proper manatee viewing guidelines as well as our public service announcements at our YouTube page. Just click on the links or pictures below.

Underwater Manatee Footage-1
(2 minutes)

See a female manatee and calf and follow them as they join other manatees at a warm water aggregation (gathering) site at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, FL. Notice how the calf nurses from behind the mother's flipper. And watch for a great "synchronized swimming" moment when the mom and calf surface to breathe in unison.

Underwater Manatee Footage-2
(2 minutes)

Get an up close and personal view of manatees at the Blue Spring State Park aggregation site. See how they use their flippers to maneuver and watch for a great closeup shot that shows the manatee's sparse hair -- one of the characteristics that distinguishes them as mammals.

Underwater Manatee Footage-3
(2 minutes)

In this section, the mom and calf join us again. How do we know it's them? Because the mother has a scar on her right side. Manatee researchers use these scars to identify individual animals. Also, watch how the manatees use their paddle-shaped tails to swim.

Choice for Change Video

Choice for Change
(5 min. 20 seconds)

Videographer Mark Santa-Maria won an award at an international underwater film competition for his video Choice for Change, which documents several incidents of manatee harassment.

Guidelines for Viewing Manatees

Manatee Viewing Guidelines
(1 min. 45 seconds)

Created by Tracy Colson and Mark Santa-Maria, this short video gives excellent tips on what to do if you swimming or diving and you see a manatee.

Manatee Messages: What You Can Do!
(12 minutes)

An educational video for students and teachers produced by Save the Manatee Club with assistance from the Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education.

See the Elementary Version

See the Middle School Version

Jimmy Buffett Public Service Announcement
(30 seconds)

John Lithgow Public Service Announcement
(30 seconds)

Hoot Public Service Announcement
with Carl Hiaasen and Wil Shriner
(30 seconds)

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Thank you to the U.S. Geological Survey, Sirenia Project for providing the underwater manatee footage and to International Video Projects for their donation of services. Visit their web sites to learn more about their work. All underwater manatee video files on this page can only be used with the permission of the USGS Sirenia Project.

Thanks also to Tracy Colson and Mark Santa-Maria for their excellent videos on manatee harassment and manatee viewing guidelines.

If you are interested in using the Save the Manatee Club public service announcements, please contact Janice Nearing at

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