Crystal River Manatee Festival 2017

Save the Manatee Club volunteers at the Crystal River Manatee Festival.
Volunteers give a friendly greeting in front of Hope the inflatable manatee. (l-r) Helen Spivey, Trinket Mason, Jozette Spina, Kelly Miller, & Melissa Sunshine.

By Helen Spivey,
Co-Chair, Save the Manatee Club Board of Directors

It was an amazing two-day Manatee Festival in downtown Crystal River! The weather was gorgeous. When it warmed up with sunshine, the clouds moved in with shade. Iíve been to every Crystal River Festival that Save the Manatee Club has ever been in and have never seen it more beautiful. And our happy volunteers, lots of them, made visitor experiences just great.

Hope, our gorgeous blow up manatee, was a big hit too, with people at times waiting in line to get in front to pose with her. People seemed more interested in manatees then ever. They donated to our jar, bought calendars and tokens of manatees, and gathered the free coloring books. Some adopted manatees -- carefully looking through our manatee adoption book for just the right one --- and readily took the education brochures offered, especially the "If You Love Me, Please Don't Touch or Feed Me" brochure.

I have never seen folks so concerned for the manatees. Just a wonderful day!

Volunteer Coordinatorís Note: This year's Volunteer Team included Helen Spivey, co-chair of SMCís Board of Directors, Trinket Mason, Karen Ann Bunce, Susan Aungst, Ruth King, Melissa Sunshine, Jozette Spina, Kelly Miller, Nicolas Johnson, Capt. Art Eickenberg, Mary and Omar Bourassa, Janneke Bogyo and Sue Carey Lindholm. Special thanks to Matt and Sue Clemons for all their help.

A volunteer puts an "I love manatees" sticker on a child.
Club volunteer Trinket Mason puts a manatee sticker on a young festival goer.
Save the Manatee Club volunteers at the Crystal River Festival.
The Club’s education table was super busy throughout the 2-day event. (l-r) Volunteers Jozette Spina, Melissa Sunshine, Karen Ann Bunce, Kelly Miller, and Trinket Mason.

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