Save the Manatee Club’s Volunteer Appreciation Pins!

Our Club volunteers deserve a special thank you for donating hours and often years of time and service to help the manatees.

To qualify for any of the customized one-inch pins, registered Club volunteers must also be a current Club member. You become a member by adopting a manatee, and you stay current by renewing your adoption annually.

Here’s a list of SMC’s Volunteer Pins:

Save the Manatee Club Tabling Pin

Tabling Pin – For volunteers who staff education tables for Save the Manatee Club at events and festivals for three hour shifts or more at three events per year, which includes one opening or one closing.

Save the Manatee Club Presentations pin

Presentation Pin – For volunteers who give three speaking presentations or more per year for the Club.

Save the Manatee Club In-Office Pin

In-Office Pin – For volunteers who help out in the Club’s Maitland office for a total of three visits or more and for a minimum of 10 hours per year.

Save the Manatee Club Tenure pin

Years (Tenure) Volunteer Pins – Volunteers who earn any of the above pins in a year also receive a tenure pin.

Ask Me About My Manatee Pin

“Ask Me About My Manatee” Pin – This pin is included in each new volunteer package with name tag and lanyard. All current volunteers who are active in tabling, presentations, and volunteering in-office will also be sent a pin.

Manatee Adoption Pin

“Manatee Adoption” Pin – The “stork” pin is given to all volunteers who renew their adoptions on their next renewal date.

We thank our volunteers for all that you do – for your hard work and commitment to the manatees. They are very fortunate to have you in their corner, and we are so lucky to have such dedicated advocates.

Pins will be distributed to eligible volunteers. For more information on the Volunteer Appreciation Pins, contact Janice Nearing, Director of Public Relations, at

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