MORE Ways You Can Help Manatees!

Click the links below to discover the many ways you can assist in helping manatees.

Contact Decision Makers

Spread the Word About Manatees

Assist Manatee Researchers

Donate Funds or Purchase Items or Services


Help Save the Manatee Club (for Club members)

Contact Decision Makers:

Join SMC’s Email Action Network. This is our grassroots effort to inform local, state, and federal decision-makers about manatee protection issues and how we feel about them. If you’re interested in participating, you can click here to sign up.

Contact Florida’s Governor
and tell him that you support strong manatee protection in the state of Florida. This will help to illustrate to policy makers the importance of manatees. Send a letter, fax or email. It doesn’t matter whether you live in state or outside of Florida. Any type of communication helps!

Governor Rick Scott
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
Phone: 407-488-7146
Fax: (850) 487-0801
Email Governor Scott

Contact Your U.S. Senators and Representative
. Tell them how important manatees are to you and ask them to support protection for manatees and their habitat and to keep other environmental laws strong.

To get contact information for your U.S. senators and representative, go to and

If you live in Florida, you can also contact your state senator and representative and let them know you support manatee protection efforts. Find your Florida state senator at  Find your Florida state representative at

Register To Vote:
Being an advocate means taking an active part in government. The best way you can do this is register to vote. You can do this online by going to the League of Women Voters or Rock the Vote web sites.

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Spread the Word About Manatees

Tell Others About Manatees and Our Adopt-A-Manatee® Program. If you have a web site, Facebook page, or blog, link to or use our graphic banner below. Click here to get more banners

Adopt-A-Manatee banner
Get the code:
<a href=""><img src="WebBanner.jpg" alt="Adopt-A-Manatee banner" width="216" height="144" border="1"></a>

Join us on:

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Sign up for our
free email lists. Get the Paddle Tales E-Newsletter, Action Alerts, or Manatee Gift notices.

Feature our free posters and educational materials at your storefront business to help raise public awareness. Email us at

Include Information About Manatees in Your Company or Organizational Publication. Email SMC at, and we’ll send you a prepared Save the Manatee Club public service ad. We can also send audio or video public service announcements recorded by Jimmy Buffett to radio or television stations.

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Help Manatee Researchers

Become Part of the Manatee Sighting Network. If you live along a river, estuary, canal or coastal area in Florida, you can help provide valuable information to researchers who are tracking manatees. When you spot a manatee, just fill out our simple one-page form and email, fax, or mail it to Save the Manatee Club.

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Donate or Purchase Items or Services

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation Now. Go to or call us at
1-800-432-JOIN (5646).

Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution as a Memorial or Honor Gift. Click here to go to our web page.

Consider a Legacy Gift to Save the Manatee Club
(our Federal Tax Identification Number is 59-3131709):
– Remember us in your will or living trust.
– Name us as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy or retirement plan.
– Donate gifts of real estate and stock.

Make monthly automatic donations. Click the following link to give a monthly gift. Choose “Yes, automatically repeat this gift every month” under “Enter a Gift Amount.” You can also email us at or call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) to ask about other automatic donation options.

If You are a Federal Employee, choose us to receive your designated payroll deductions in the annual
Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC number is 20422.

If You are a State or Municipal Employee, check to see if the Club is part of your annual payroll deduction
campaign and designate us for your contributions.

Donate Your Unwanted Vehicle or Boat to Us and Get a Tax Deduction. Call 1-877-999-8322 or click here to go to our web page.

Buy a Manatee License Plate for Your Car if you are a Florida resident. Funds raised go to the state of Florida for manatee conservation and environmental education.

Donate to Florida’s Manatee Conservation Efforts by purchasing a manatee decal at your local tag office when you register or re-register your boat. Funds raised go to the state of Florida for manatee conservation efforts.

Purchase a T-shirt, Manatee Toy, Book, or Other Gift Item from the Manatee Store. You can even make your next birthday party a manatee-themed one. We've got invitations and more (enter "party" in the Search box). You’ll help to spread the word about manatees, and your dollars will fund Club programs. Check out the The Manatee Store!

Give a Manatee Adoption as a Birthday or Holiday Gift. It’s a unique gift and a great way to get more people involved in helping to save manatees. Go to the Adopt-A-Manatee page.

If Your Employer has a Matching Gifts Program, ask him/her to match your contributions to Save the Manatee Club.

When you are selling or buying a home, or for any other real estate transactions, you can help Save the Manatee Club by choosing a socially responsible real estate agent. Investing in Communities (IIC) is a unique philanthropic program where businesses, real estate professionals, and the general public work together to help participating nonprofits. When you choose an IIC Real Estate Member for your real estate transaction, they pledge to donate a portion of their commissions to us when you designate the Club. Find out how >>

Order Dugong, Manatee, Sea Cow, a first edition poetry book by Arnold Klein about the tragic fate of manatees and dugongs when they come in contact with humans. Yours for a donation of $55 or more (free shipping) at

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Become a Club Volunteer, no matter where you live. SMC has volunteers both in AND outside of Florida. We even have members living outside the U.S.! Meet new people, experience new challenges, and help save manatees. For more information on volunteer positions and a volunteer application, see our volunteer page.

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Help the Club (for Club members)

Sign Up for our Paperless Communications: You can receive the e-mail versions of the Club’s newsletter, The Manatee Zone, as well as your annual renewal notices. Email us at

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